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What You Need to Know About Charcuterie Boards
Are you looking for the best charcuterie boards on the market today? An impressive charcuterie board is the very essence of nothing but easy entertaining. When piled high with cheeses, fruit, cured meats, nuts, etc. your friends will be super impressed with this delicious and gorgeous spread.

There is practically no appetizer that is more astonishing than a charcuterie board. But what is a charcuterie board, and what are they made of? This is what you will find out in this article. By the time you read to the end, you will also discover where you can get premium-quality charcuterie boards.
What Charcuterie?
Charcuterie – pronounced ‘shar-koo-tuh-ree’ – is the fine art of preparing smoked or cured meats. Charcuterie boards are basically meat’s response to a cheeseboard.

What makes charcuterie boards breathtaking and unique is that the possible variations are virtually endless. You can always switch up a few ingredients in order to produce something entirely new and fantastic every time. No one can resist a meat and cheese board piled very high with good munches.

Therefore, in simple words, charcuterie boards consist of a significant variety of cheeses and meats and often nuts and fruit. This is essentially a cheese and meat board.

A charcuterie board’s fundamental goal is to create a significant contrast between all of the different qualities in every morsel or bite that makes sense. Moreover, charcuterie boards will include fruit preserves, toast, and even fancy olive oils or mustard in order to mix up the possible combinations.
What are Charcuterie Boards Made of?
Charcuterie boards can be as small or as big as you want them to be. The best charcuterie boards are essentially made of non-porous hardwood wood. Nevertheless, hard maple, teak, American Cherry, acacia, and olive are ideal options for making charcuterie boards.

Other materials that make the best charcuterie board include marble and bamboo as well as kitchen slate.

A professional-grade wooden charcuterie board should be anywhere from 1¼- to 2-inches thick.

The type of hardwood used in making charcuterie boards is meant to enhance preserved vegetables, dry-cured meats, and cheeses. In order words, the primary goal of charcuterie boards is to improve the food on display in order to give it a much more interesting background.

Bear in mind that hardwood refers to those trees you see that lose their leaves during winter. Charcuterie boards are made of hardwood because the latter do not impart flunky flavor. It is also hard-wearing.
There is no wrong or right way to create charcuterie boards. All you need to do is focus on creating comparisons and contrasts, thereby providing your guests, friends, etc. with a memorable eating experience.

Now that you know a thing or two about charcuterie boards, you may want to get your hands on one. If that is the case, you can find premium quality charcuterie boards at La Cabana Custom Furniture. We make the best of them at pocket-friendly prices.

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